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Avenida Escazú + Neighborhood

It’s funny because we’ve been here {in Escazu, CR} for almost a month now and every time I talk to someone back home and mention our surroundings they seem so shocked. “Wait, you’re at Starbucks?!”

Yep, plazas in Escazu remind me a lot of Miami – but happen to have a gorgeous mountain backdrop and 70 degree weather.

Here are some pictures and a couple of videos of Avenida Escazu and surrounding {walkable} plazas {Avenida, Plaza Tempo, Multiplaza, + neighborhood}.

avenida escazuavenida escazuavenida escazu


Escazú Scenery

We took a quick walk around our neighborhood {in Escazu} and stumbled upon this gem at the end of the road. Perla {the house dog} also enjoys adventuring with us lol. I captured the walk step by step…it was definitely a breath of fresh air.

PS – Next time I will wear real shoes even if we’re just “taking a walk down the street”. 😉

escazu sceneryescazu scenery escazu scenery escazu scenery escazu scenery escazu scenery