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Day to Night Outfit

There are tons of ways to take an outfit from day to night. Some days are so busy that you just don’t have time to go home to change for the evening. I think the best way to easily go from work to play is by wearing staple pieces. Black, jeans, or other items that can be dressed up or down.

day to night

Here I am wearing a black chiffon top, a snake skin pencil skirt, and black heels. Pencil skirts can easily be folded over, pinned, or just pulled up to take a conservative piece from work to showing a little more skin at night.

My biggest tip for taking your look from day to night? Run around in flats all day and trade them in for some sexy strappy heels at night!

day to night day to night

What are some of your day to night tips?

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New Year Organizing – Closet Clean Out

It’s hard to let go of clothes that take you back to so many great memories and emotions. That NYE dress, your first day of work pumps, or those jeans that you’ve held on to (to squeeze into one day) – but I read something recently that said we only wear 30% of what’s in our closet. In with the new year, out with those never worn pieces…it’s time for a Closet Clean Out!

closet cleanout

Here are 6 Closet Clean Out Tips:

1. Clear your schedule & make sure you have enough time to commit to this project – it is going to take you a while!

2. Separate different piles – Keep, Donate, Sell, Trash.

DONATE: This time around I had friends and family members that I gave all of my stuff to, but there are tons of local agencies that will come pick up your clothes or that you can drop off to. Good Will, Salvation Army, Dress for Success, or your nearby churches are all great places to start.

SELL: If you choose to sell, you can post your items on PoshMark or similar that usually take a 20% commission. Tip: If you want to clear out your space quickly, opt out on the “Sell” category as these pieces will be sitting around until they are sold.

3. Some questions to ask yourself with each piece:

  • Does this fit?
  • Have I worn it in the past 6 months?
  • Would I buy this if I was shopping now?
  • Do I feel great in this?

4. Don’t hold on to something that you will wear for a special occasion 9 months from now. I am very guilty of this – holding on to a dress for Christmas next year or a wedding but it’s very unlikely that you will actually remember or even want to wear it. When that special day comes around you will want to find something new to wear :)

5. There will be some items that do not fall into the above categories – like t-shirts from your high school, Greek socials, or other events that you’d like to keep for the memories – you don’t have to toss them all, but you also don’t need a full drawer of them. Pick your favorites!

6. Turn your favorite old piece into something new with DIY projects. Maybe a blanket, cut those jeans into shorts, or crop that dress that doesn’t fit at the bottom into a tank! There are a bunch of DIY projects where you can turn your favorites into new, useable items.

closet cleanout

Above: Results. Below: Donate Pile.

closet cleanout

What are some of your tips for Spring Clean outs? Do you have any Charities that are worth mentioning for donation? I hope my closet helps you organize your space! :)


The Britique


Wedding Trends for 2015

1601118_10104330256872363_1719136145_n-1The holidays are a time for lots of love, family, & of course, engagements! My facebook feed was lit up with tons of recent engagements over the past month or two, so I’ll help all of you soon to be brides out with some of the top Wedding Trends of 2015 with ideas from Anja Winikka (site director of The Knot). I also included some of my favorite Wedding Day looks from my own special day.

“I DO” to 8 Wedding Trends for 2015

1. Pantone’s Marsala

Pantone announced Marsala, a deep red/wine as their Color of the Year. This rich tone is popping up in weddings all over from the bridesmaids dresses, to the table decor, lipstick, and invitations.

2. Advancements in photos and videos

Photographers and Wedding Guests are taking advantage of the tech advancements in photos and videos with Drones, Go-Pros, Hashtags, and Selfie Sticks.

3. Wild West Weddings

Rustic ranches, mugs, and leather accents.

4. Peace & Love

Many weddings are inspired by music festivals with romantic moods and earthy settings.bridal dreams

5. Modern Brides

Jumpsuits and Separates are expected to be a trend with brides instead of the traditional dress, as celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Solange Knowles chose.

6. Unique Venues

Many couples are choosing to skip the traditional church or catering hall and find unexpected venues. “Museums, Castles, or even Caves are becoming popular.”

7. Emphasis on the Food

Many people’s favorite part of the wedding is becoming the most planned – “beer gardens, doughnut dessert walls, and hanging salad stations” are just a few mentioned as a trend for this year.

8. Bridesmaid’s duties covered – with technology!

There are so many apps that can help with to do lists (TaskRabbit) or planning rides to and from the venues (Uber).



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